The Only Mascara I Need

As soon as the Boots Christmas Catalogue hit the shelves I had one in my possession, with sticky labels on the pages of things I need in my life. Subtle eh? Lucky for me my other half picked up on my hints, and on my birthday morning I woke up to a beautiful mascara medley.

The Clinique Mascara Wardrobe is stunning, and all of the mascaras pretty awesome too. The bottom lash mascara is instantly a favourite, with a cute design on the tube, and the most minuscule of brushes. It is incredibly easy to use, and provides you with long and defined lashes that don't budge until you take your makeup off. The High Impact Mascara is also a definite repurchase, and makes my lashes so thick and voluminous. The Lash Power Mascara has a thin wand which is never usually something that floats my boat, however this is great for getting natural wispy lashes which are also pretty long lasting. Lastly there is a the Lash Doubling Mascara which has a conical shaped wand, and smells faintly of the acrylic paint used in primary schools, however this doesn't seem to bother me much. This doesn't quite double your lashes, and is a bit lack-lustre in comparison to the High Impact Mascara, but is good for an every day look.

This retails at around £28, and as far as I am aware this is a limited edition collection which can onl be found in Boots. I honestly believe this is worth every penny, and would recommend this to anyone on the hunt for the perfect mascara.


  1. We've never used a Clinique mascara before, but we've heard so much. We've always been curious about the bottom lash mascara, but at the same time we've always been sceptical. Would you say it works better than if you use a normal mascara?

  2. The bottom lash mascara is fantastic and works so much better than your average mascara. I find that with a regular mascara, the wand is too big and clumps lashes - the clinique bottom lash wand is tiny, and seperates every single little lash. If you can try it at your local store you will see what I mean!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

    Em x


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